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Hockey Demo

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While I know it’s a long shot to make it as a broadcaster for an NHL team, it is not impossible. I’ve played the role of underdog before, whether it’s broadcasting a sport I had known nothing about (2013 with the Peoria Mustangs), or being told these jobs are a 1 in a million chance and still obtaining a professional gig.

I caught a break in college working for the Mustangs, and since then, I’ve had to work hard to move up the ladder. Starting with the NA3HL, I was able to advance into the NAHL with the Odessa Jackalopes, and now onto the Madison Capitols in the USHL. I’ve worked my way up the ladder one rung at a time, but I know it’s also ok to skip a step or two if you’re flexible and confident enough. My desire to learn and grow has been a big reason for my determination and advancement.

The biggest factor for me in getting involved in this industry is my grandfather, who passed on my 11th birthday. My time laying on the couch with him, watching sports, and listening to the broadcasters on both TV and radio is something that I go back to every time I think about broadcasting myself. It still gives me chills and brings me back to my childhood. Since those moments stick with me all the time, it is something I have pursued.

My fascination broadcasting and its technical components expanded in junior high, with my involvement in media and live broadcasting taking off in the 6th grade, where I oversaw the entire production process of my school’s morning news broadcast from writing & broadcasting news segments to editing video. During my time with the Capitols and Jackalopes, I maintained the team website and all social media related activities in addition to writing media game notes, press releases and postgame recaps, sold tickets and corporate sponsorships, created original slogans, graphics, videos, and promotional events. I have been able to produce content and fundraising efforts that has been recognized by the league and local media on multiple occasions.

I am a graduate of Bradley University, holding Bachelors Degrees in both Sports Communication and Business Management & Administration. While there, I worked several jobs in the sports and media industry, including interning for the Peoria Rivermen (AHL), working for WEEK-TV (NBC Peoria) as a video production assistant, and working as a cameraman, audio/video equipment operator, and broadcaster for Braves Vision and ESPN3 during the live streaming of Bradley University athletic events.

I am self-taught in all Adobe products, with an unprecedented drive to expand my abilities to help the team that I am working for be top of their respective league. This come out with my research into professional games: specifically listening to the broadcasters and watching all the different graphics and video effects. It has even reached a point where my family will take videos or pictures of graphics/videos for me as inspiration.